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Romantic and Vintage Weddings

A woman, in particular, has always wished to have her dream wedding come true. Weddings in winter, summer or fall are all romantic and magical all rolled up into one special and memorable occasion. Ideas and imagination cannot be controlled when a woman plans her dream wedding.

Vintage wedding is a very romantic motif and a perfect opportunity to wear your grandmother’s wedding gown. If you are buying a new gown, you can save money by searching in consignment shops or online for a dress that is vintage in design. In buying pre-owned gown that suits you, keep in mind that it may need some cleaning and repair, and so you have to buy it ahead of time.

A perfect choice for a winter wedding is white, but a small additions of silver or blue can add a bit of excitement and color to the overall scheme.

A vintage invitation will add up romance to your motif whether you make them yourself or have it made. Your cream-colored paper with ragged edges and antique printing gives a hint to your guests of the gorgeous wedding motif.

When decorating for a winter vintage theme, small items such as glitter, snowflakes and silver-painted twigs bring charm to your motif.

For a dramatic addition to your theme, you can arrive at the wedding in a horse-drawn carriage, and leave as a couple in the same mode. Should you prefer to ride in a covered vehicle, ask or borrow a vintage car from family or friends, or search online for local car rental companies that specialize in vintage vehicles.

You can not underestimate the music during your wedding as it sets the mood of the occasion, and so choose a band that can play the music fits for your theme.

Beautiful giveaways for guests that are placed on the wedding tables will look fantastic.

Cocktail party inspired by the tv hit “Mad Men” and the 1950s style tulle bridal gowns have made vintage inspired weddings popular.

Everybody who are into great parties and outstanding fashion are fascinated with the era of 1920s. Take your guests back in time to the exciting era of a speakeasy, complete with hot jazz, the Charleston, dapper gentlemen, flappers, and of course “bathtub gin” cocktails.

A live jazz band is a must for a ’20s inspired wedding. To get your guests on the dance floor, you can hire a pair of dancers to teach them a couple of steps of the Charleston era.

As for the wedding decor, think elegance and style to complete the ambiance and mood of your reception. The reigning design style in the 1920s is the streamlined cool colors, bevelled mirrors, and hanging chandeliers.
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