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Best Tips in Finding the Best Mattress for People that are Side Sleepers

There are some people who tends to wonder whether the process of sleeping sideways is not normal, but the thing is that this is only normal. But the problem is that a lot of people actually could never stay long on their sides because of the pressure points and that they end up turning and tossing all night.

When it comes to buying new mattresses, this is actually like buying golf clubs to where you should be fit so you could get the maximum advantage on your new purchase. The spring type mattresses actually not just conform towards your body enough in order to prevent building pressures on your hips and shoulders. Memory foam mattresses likewise work well in relieving pressure points, but it is not able to hold up well over time and they also stink toxic fumes and are even hot to sleep on. The best mattress for people who are side sleepers would be one which is made with latex foam.

The latex foam mattresses also do everything to which a memory foam does but this however don’t have any side effects. It doesn’t come with a nasty smell, cool to sleep on because of its open cell construction and are very durable. The latex mattresses also are available in different firmness choices that makes this the best mattress for side sleepers because a lot of people like soft mattresses. The soft mattresses likewise allows the shoulders and hips to sink in and that latex foam also provides the support on your lower back.
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When it comes to finding the best kind of mattress for side sleepers, it is really important that you give importance to considering your weight first. This is because latex foam mattresses are available in different firmness choice that you should be aware of which works best for your weight. However, most people usually considers the soft versions. A lot of latex mattress manufacturers actually offers different ILD’s that is a number rating on its firmness. A latex core with the ILD of #28 or lower than this is soft with the mainstream and this also comes with a much softer topper.
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The best mattress however for heavy side sleepers that are between 180 and 230 lbs considers choosing a latex mattress that has an ILD rating in the mid 30’s that is coupled with latex mattress toper on the low 20’s. A selection like this actually not just give support for people who are slightly heavier, but will likewise give pressure relief on your hips and shoulders due to the softer topper.